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Feedback About Salem Abraham on Trend Following Radio

Feedback in:

Loved the episode with Salem. Had never heard him talk before, really enjoyed his perspective. Keep up the good work.


Glad you liked it. More on Abraham.

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Ep. 322: Sophia Roosth Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Synopsis: Michael Covel speaks with Sophia Roosth on today’s podcast. Roosth is a Harvard professor that Covel first heard quoted on DNA privacy from Davos. Roosth’s research focuses on the twentieth and twenty-first century life sciences. Her first book, based on four years of ethnographic fieldwork, examines how the life sciences are changing at a moment when researchers build new biological systems in order to investigate how biology works. In this work, Roosth asks what happens to “life” as a conceptual category when experimentation and fabrication converge. Covel and Roosth discuss the Davos event; what becomes of privacy in a moment of internet surveillance; having more information out there as a way to control privacy; biological privacy, and whether our DNA is going down a path where it’s a lot more public; discrimination based on genome; genetic McCarthyism; somatic transfer and cloning; the story of Chance the bull; the idea of de-extinction; the ethics of cloning; molecular gastronomy and world hunger. Want a free trend following DVD? Go to

Sophia Roosth Interview with Michael Covel

Sophia Roosth Interview with Michael Covel

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Trend Following Feedback

A recent email exchange:

Listener: Hi Mike, thanks for all the great information on trend following! I am looking for some trend followers to invest with. Do you know where I can find a list to research?

Covel: I am not an agent for anyone, but you will find names across my books and podcast. A short answer yes, but most responsible one I can give in this hyper-regulated society.

Listener: I just finished The Complete TurtleTrader yesterday. This whole niche of trend following is so fascinating. Nice interview with Abraham also. Let me ask you this: what are some of the most common or best programming languages for systematic trading? I am currently in the process of putting some money in Jerry Parker’s mutual fund through Equinox.

Covel: C++ and

Listener: Cool thanks! Just to clarify: program the trading rules using C++ and the how does it link to Tradestation?

Covel: No, those are two different formats. Two different ways to code.

Listener: Understood, thanks. Hey one last question: I live in Denver and am wondering if you know of any good trend following CTA’s here? I had been the head trader at a shop where the founder closed the institutional side of the business. I am looking for a job.

Covel: Can I be blunt?

1. For job: Read first 40 pages of Seth Godin’s book ‘Linchpin‘.
2. Denver? Why in the world affix yourself to geography. Trend following is everywhere.

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Polish Version of Trend Following

Trend Jest Twoim Przyjacielem

Trend Jest Twoim Przyjacielem

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“To Bankrupt a Fool, Give Him Information”

Great Tweet and link from Jerry Parker:

The headline from:

Nassim Taleb

Nassim Taleb

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Thomson Reuters Hedge Funds Team Teaches You…


Across this series of webcasts, our expert speakers will cover some of the most topical subjects in the world of hedge fund management today. In our next session, scheduled for tomorrow, Dr Svetlana Borovkova, Associate Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam provide you with a broad overview of how various commodity markets respond to news and how this information can be used in trading strategies, investment decisions, risk management and for overall improvement in efficiency of quant-based models. We examine the main commodity classes: energy, agriculturals and metals, as well as various market responses to news, in terms of prices, returns, volatilities and trading volumes. Market responses are analysed for different latencies, ranging from minutes to days and to longer horizons.

100% bullshit.

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Ep. 321: Michael Lardon Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Synopsis: Michael Covel speaks with Dr. Michael Lardon on today’s podcast. Lardon is one of the premier mental performance coaches in the world, with clients in more than a dozen professional and Olympic sports. His athletes have won major golf championships, Olympic gold medals, Super Bowls and World Series titles, among other achievements. He is an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Diego and a Consulting Psychiatrist to the United States Olympic Teams at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. However, Lardon and Covel’s conversation is applicable to everyone, not just certain athletes. They talk about Lardon’s early experiences playing professional table tennis; the “slowing down of time” and how it affects performance; the importance of mental performance in sports; Phil Mickelson’s loss at the 2013 Open and his win at the British Open a month later, and how Lardon was assisting him during this period; “the yips”, and what is going on in the mind when someone can no longer perform a simple activity they used to accomplish easily; neurological vs. psychological “yips”; Lardon’s opinion on what’s happening with Tiger Woods currently; narrow, intense focus vs. dropping the intense expenditure of energy when you don’t need it (ie. what do you do with your downtime?); the process of desensitization; the deliberate plan for improvement and the importance of writing things down. For more information on Dr. Michael Lardon, visit Want a free trend following DVD? Go to

Michael Lardon Interview with Michael Covel

Michael Lardon Interview with Michael Covel

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Trading Food For Thought

Interesting reads:


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The Greatest Trading Experiment Never Gets Old

Timeless wisdom with nurture trumping nature.

The Greatest Trading Experiment Never Gets Old

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