Where Can I Send Your Free DVD?

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Mr. Covel, thank you so much for producing your podcast. It has been a great influence for me ever since reading your Trend Following book. I was wondering if your offer for a resource DVD (if I recall correctly) is still valid for podcast reviews on iTunes. I left a positive review of the podcast this evening. If the offer is no longer valid, I completely understand. I hope to be purchasing your flagship premiere product in the future. I am a US medical student graduating in May 2015. As you can imagine, funds are tight at the moment. This may be a blessing in that it has allowed me ample time to digest your material and formulate a plan for the future. Thanks again. You are doing all of us, especially my generation of younger investors, a huge service through your work. I spread your name and the ideology of trend following whenever I have the chance.


Where can I send your DVD? Thanks for the nice words!

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Trend Following Mentoring Works

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I hope you are doing well on your journey. It has been a long time since we touched base. I have been incredibly busy to say the least, but at least I would say busy in a good way. I consider you one of my earliest mentors through your work that I have reviewed extensively. I will say that I have traveled some distance since that first introduction and continue to conduct rigorous research into the marriage between math/science and market mechanics. 2014 has been a very revealing year for me. I have realized a net ROI of approximately 80% in my retail futures account with a max drawdown of approximately 27%. I do not take this startup success for granted. My research has revealed that different market environments flatter different approaches. September-December has been interesting with the infusion of volatility into the markets benefiting my strategic and tactical approaches. I am also expanding on my arsenal of computer programming abilities as that is the language of mathematics in our day and age and essential for my further development as a market speculator. In 12 to 18 months I look forward to starting my own quant fund. I am enjoying this journey so much that I think this will likely become one of my life long endeavors. I wish you all the best and thank you for your immense contribution to my development as a trader. I look forward to speaking with you further when I am at a certain stage of my development as a money manager and perhaps meeting you in person one day as well.


Thanks for the nice note. Best of luck.

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Ep. 302: Zbigniew Hermaszewski and Natasha Reeve-Gray Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Synopsis: Today on the podcast, Michael Covel speaks with Zbigniew Hermaszewski & Natasha Reeve-Gray, two of the four founding partners of Altis Partners–a very successful systematic and primarily trend following money management firm. Covel, Hermaszewski, and Reeve-Gray discuss Covel’s recent experiences traveling in Asia; the advantages of location independence; early triggers that led Hermaszewski and Reeve-Gray into the systematic trading world and away from the efficient market hypothesis; why Hermaszewskii was motivated to go down the particular path he went down; the advantages of a physics background when applied to trading; looking for predicability in the markets; how Altis uses predictability in the context of their world; the four broad types of market behavior in Altis’ program; trend following and persistence; inter-market relationships; why there are no “manual” inputs in Altis’ systematic program; portfolio construction and why Altis is different from its peers; applying the same models to all markets; and the collegial atmosphere amongst London CTAs. Want a free trend following DVD? Go to trendfollowing.com/win.

Zbigniew HermaszewskiZbigniew Hermaszewski

Natasha Reeve-GrayNatasha Reeve-Gray

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You Can Start the Money Management Firm or Work for Someone; Different Beasts

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Hey Michael, if you had a 23 yr old wanting to become a CTA, graduating with a degree in Finance from U. South Florida in May, is there a certain firm you would push him towards? Two summers ago he did an internship with [Name] Capital ($106 mln AUM), last summer with R.J. O’Brien’s CTA platform Oasis. He works two days/week with me holding down our trade desk. We work with commercial Ag hedgers. Any ideas would be helpful. [Name] gave Patrick your book on the TurtleTraders 1st day on the job, along with 4 other books on trading.

No short cuts. All the trading “names” are well known. It’s an issue of knocking on doors. Seth Godin’s blog may give you a good non-trading perspective that will better help him to break into trading.

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Find Fund Managers Across Books and Podcast

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Hi Michael, I really enjoy your podcast and the alternative ideas you put out. Please keep up the good work! I was wondering if you could help me with a question please. If one had around USD100,000 to allocate to a trend following manager would there be one or a couple of stand-out managers that you would put forward. I understand you are obviously not in a position to make specific recommendations: the question really just goes to accessibility of particular funds for that size of investment, as I understand that amount is too small for many funds. I have been in contact with [Name] at [Name] already, but would like to thoroughly explore options. I would prefer a manager that only takes carried interest and no fees in down period. By way of background I am Australian citizen but a long term resident of Japan.

Many thanks

Absolutely no names, other than all the leads you can find across my podcast and books!

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Trading Food For Thought

Interesting reads:


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Abdallah Salem el-Badri Plays Dumb About The Zero Sum Nature of Markets and Speculation

OPEC chief Abdallah Salem el-Badri pumps the propaganda:

“The fundamentals should not lead to this dramatic reduction (in price). I believe that speculation has entered strongly in deciding these prices.”

Name a time when speculation did not play a role in markets? Asked why speculation was back, el-Badri said:

“I have no idea.” [Covel: "WTF!"]

Speculation never went away. The markets are zero sum. There will always be winners and losers. Some, like Abdallah Salem el-Badri, don’t like to lose and unnamed speculators thus get positioned as “bad”.

Bottom line, speculators just happen to be the wise winners this time.

Note: Read this:

speculation dickson watts

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Ep. 301: Jim Rogers Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Synopsis: Michael Covel speaks with Jim Rogers on today’s podcast. Rogers is an American businessman, investor and author currently based in Singapore. He is the Chairman of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests, Inc. He was the co-founder of the Quantum Fund and creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI). Rogers does not consider himself a member of any school of economic thought, but has acknowledged that his views best fit the label of Austrian School of economics. Covel gives some of his personal history with Rogers, noting that he also first read about him in the Market Wizards book. Covel also notes that Rogers’ Investment Biker book inspired him to travel. Covel joins Rogers for an in-person conversation from Singapore. They discuss why it shows that the kind of people that travel are the kind of people you want in your country; infrastructure in China; stereotypes of various countries in Asia; China’s military; current Fed policy in America; what “can-do” spirit can do in a state of decline; why the next crisis might be worse than the last; the importance of language skills; participating in big long-term bets with regard to countries; and why, if he could, Rogers would put all of his money into North Korea. Want a free trend following DVD? Go to trendfollowing.com/win.

jim rogers

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Neuberger Berman Has No Clue About Trend Following

Excerpted from here (PDF):

Historically, performance and lack of correlation to credit and equity markets have made CTAs popular. There are several types of CTA strategies, including trend-following, mean reversion and pattern recognition. The vast majority of managed futures assets under management (greater than 85%, by our estimates) are trend followers; we are currently bearish on this class of CTAs.

So many voices… are clueless.

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Ep. 300: Michael Covel Monologue and Travis Jamison Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Synopsis: Michael Covel presents a monologue and interviews Travis Jamison on today’s podcast. To start Covel reflects on the first 300 episodes of his podcast. He talks the start of the podcast, key guests and the overall uniqueness of the show. Covel also discusses massive September 2014 trend following performance, whether you can time the top, survivorship bias and the trend following is dead crowd. Next Covel talks with Travis Jamison. Jamison is the founder of Supremacy SEO. He’s a passionate entrepreneur, and a man known for high-level search engine optimization (SEO) chops. Covel and Jamison discuss search in general and search engine optimization; how the fascination with search triggered with Jamison; the idea of manipulation; Google and a monopoly, and some of the competition; Google’s dominance; Google’s definition of “quality”; the EPIC browser; the mindset of being honest on the internet; black hat and grey hat; Google’s penalties, and what can happen when you go too far; if there’s any recovery after being penalized by Google; competitors affecting SEO; Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird: some of the Google updates; what the future might hold for search. For more information on Travis Jamison, visit supremacyseo.com. Want a free trend following DVD? Go to trendfollowing.com/win.

travis jamison

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