Anthony Todd: “Great Podcast!”

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Hi Michael, Great podcast with Anthony Todd. Just a comment: Please tell him I’m insane and I’ll try to succeed without 500,000,000 bucks capital!


Thanks for the feedback. He was indeed a great guest.

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Trend Following: Reaching Traders (Still)

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Michael, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you do for us budding traders looking for a system that they can believe in. I [recently] posted a review of your book Trend Following on Amazon, [but] I have spent the last 9 months listening to your back catalog of podcasts and reading your other books. My immediate plan is to finish back-testing my trend following strategies over the next few weeks then run the system with a practice account so that I can get used to the mechanics of the trading itself. In the meantime I am putting aside as much as I can from my job as a Chartered Accountant in London so that I can begin trading on the side and take advantage of the all important opportunity to compound! I believe I have the right temperament to apply a trend following strategy successfully and…look forward to a time where I can actually point to a statistically significant track record to support this. Thanks again for all the information you have contributed and for providing other experts in this field a platform to do the same.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the nice words.

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Ep. 286: Alex Greyserman Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Synopsis: Michael Covel speaks with Alex Greyserman. Greyserman is Chief Scientist at managed futures firm ISAM. He is also a professor at Columbia University. Greyserman’s new book with previous podcast guest Kathryn Kaminski is titled Trend Following With Managed Futures. Covel and Greyserman discuss the idea of young college graduates writing articles about the death of trend following while firms like Greyserman’s continue to have tremendous success; alternatives to thinking only ‘long stocks’; Greyserman’s first meeting with Larry Hite and how they have come to have such a career together; why trend following is about more than getting on the right side of the S&P trade; the difference between cross-sectional momentum and time series momentum; the phrase “crisis alpha” and why trend following does well in times of crisis; the cost of not having trend following in your portfolio; benchmarking and diversification; why the worst thing you can do is “trend follow a trend follower”; the science of trend following; speculation; trend following your life–not just the markets; dispersion among trend following traders; and the effect of a higher rate environment. For more information on Alex Greyserman, go to or visit Amazon to find his book with Kathryn Kaminski, Trend Following with Managed Futures. Want a free trend following DVD? Go to

alex greyserman

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Trend Following for Brazil and Portugal

trend following brazil

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Amazon Totals, TurtleTrader and Trend Following

Amazon currently lists 32,800,000 million books for sale.

Very nice that The Complete TurtleTrader is currently at #24,000 out of 32 million. Not bad for the second edition that came out 5 years ago. Timeless wisdom. Timeless story.

How is my first book “Trend Following” with the first edition going back to April 2004 (four total editions) doing? The newest edition is #31,000. Very cool too.

The Little Book of Trading? Not as good: #59,000.

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If Our Roles Were Reversed

If our roles were reversed? I believe that giving your money is giving me your trust. You are making a sacrifice, and could choose other opportunities. My goal is always to make sure that what I am giving you is more valuable than what you are giving me and my firm. That straightforward business principle is the foundation of my long-term relationship with all of my customers.

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Fighting the Good Trend Fight

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Michael, I’m a small RIA based out of [Location] and [Location]. I have a partner in [Location] as well. I love your work, listen to all of your podcasts, and just thought I’d forward you a sample of what I distribute to clients and prospects each week. Your recent interview with Kathryn Kaminski is highlighted in my opening comment this week.

My goal at some point is to be one of your guests! I incorporate mostly trend following strategies in our small but growing firm along with some hedged equity and a small bit of mean reversion. I have a buy and hold portfolio in our “menu list” really just to say we have it so that people know an RIA can provide just about anything a client wants. The most influential folks to me have been Meb Faber, Jerry Parker, Eric Crittenden, Tom Basso, yourself, and obviously several others but just a quick short list.

No agenda in this email, just thought I’d let you know I’m out here fighting the good fight in the sea full of long only advisors and value firms.


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Kathryn Kaminski, Great Interview!

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That was a great interview. It prompted me to read her co-authored book which was fantastic because it is presented well for institutional investors and academics. This writing approach is refreshing and will likely continue to reach more institutional investors and academics in finance and economics.

Her co-author will be episode 286.

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Ep. 285: Anthony Todd Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Synopsis: Today on the podcast, Michael Covel speaks with Anthony Todd. Todd is the CEO of Aspect Capital, one of the most successful managed futures trend following firms. Todd co-founded Aspect in September 1997. Before that, he was with AHL. Covel and Todd discuss why prices aren’t random; finding an inefficiency that the academic financial community refuses to acknowledge; the idea of “predictable” patterns in the market; the desire to know static positions; how crowd behavior drives trends; addressing misconceptions; using fundamentals in a systematic way; defining Todd’s medium-term style of trend following; why “it’s less about the genius of the trade and more about the repeatability of the approach”; how long you can be in a particular market before you give up on it; client understanding of trend following drawdowns; the phraseology of “crisis alpha”; the culture that Todd has built at Aspect; and Todd’s advice to young entrepreneurs. For more information on Anthony Todd, visit Receive complimentary trend following DVD:

anthony todd

Note: These episodes play by clicking “listen”. You may also want to “save as” each file to your device. All episodes on iTunes too.

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Don’t Plagiarize The Lives of Others

Some words of wisdom from James Altucher:

Don’t plagiarize the lives of your parents, your peers, your teachers, your colleagues, your bosses. Create your own life.


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