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Free Trend Following Resources

This is a great compilation of free trend following resources. Dig in!

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“We elbowed our way in”: Winton Capital’s David Harding

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TurtleTrader Insights

The Turtle story remains a great story, but don’t forget to look at the complete story.

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New Michael Covel Interview

Read here.

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Ep. 260: Sally Hogshead Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Synopsis: Today on the podcast, Michael Covel speaks with Sally Hogshead. She’s an American speaker, author, former advertising executive, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Fascinate, Inc. Hogshead’s newest book is “How The World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through The Science of Fascination”. Covel and Hogshead discuss fascination and paying attention; the seven different categories of things that fascinate us; what those who fascinate have in common; developing a personality assessment that shows how the world sees you; understanding your own personal branding; analyzing Michael Covel’s own fascination survey; not being a commodity; why if you’re not generating a negative reaction from someone, you’re probably not fascinating anyone; why you don’t want to be vanilla ice cream. To take the Fascination Advantage test for free, go to howtheworldseesyou.com/you and enter the code “trendfollowing”. Want a free trend following DVD? Go to trendfollowing.com/win.

sally hogshead

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Hit The !@#$ Home Run!

Some companies, and individuals, stress [focus on] the short-term performance of trend followers. They look at one month’s performance, see a down month, and panic. They have complete ignorance of the long-term objective–big money. How bad can it get? I have seen trend following traders make 100 percent in a year followed by a year where they lost 5 percent. That 5 percent loss causes some critics to not see the 100 percent number. That is insane thinking. Just like a baseball player’s batting average can have short-term up or down streaks over the course of a season, trend followers have streaks. Trend following performance will deviate from averages, but over time there is remarkable consistency when it comes to putting up big returns—as long as unpredictable home runs are allowed to happen naturally and unforced. The leading thinkers across varied fields, including insurance, casino gambling, and investing, all emphasize the same point. It’s the Babe Ruth effect: Even though Ruth struck out a lot, he was one of baseball’s greatest hitters. The home runs made up for his strikeouts. A trend follower coaching a baseball team would approach it like the former manager of the Baltimore Orioles. Earl Weaver designed his offenses to maximize the chance of a three-run homer. Weaver did not bunt or want guys who slapped singles. He wanted guys who hit big home runs. Trading is a waiting game. You sit, you wait, and you make a lot of money all at once. Profits come in bunches. The trick when going sideways between home runs is not to lose too much in between.

Note: From my book Trend Commandments. Shout to Michael Mauboussin.


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Starting Out: One Man’s Story

An excerpt from my book:

Even though he loved his job in the markets, David Druz soon entered medical school to hedge his bets. Medicine was interesting to him, but he was 100 percent fascinated with the markets. Did he have lots of money? No. The only money he had was $5,000 in stock that his father had given him. Druz cashed that out and put it into his account. At that same time the brokerage firm offered him a job, a full-time job to quit medical school and go work for them. They offered Druz $50,000 to start. That was really good money in the 1970s. A slightly drunk friend told him, “Dave, don’t take that job. You can be a really good trader, but if you take that job, you’ll never be a great trader. You’ve got to get a nest egg for security. You don’t want to trade with scared money. Finish medical school, be a doctor, and then you’ll be a great trader.” Does that make sense to you? Maybe not at first blush, but it was the wisest piece of information anyone ever told Druz. He has since seen many people over the years trading with scared money—meaning they would make decisions on the value of the money to them (read: emotional decisions about a new car, suit, or wife), and not follow the exact rules of their trading plan. “Don’t quit your day job” is another critical success lesson—write it down and tape it over your desk. Druz took his $5,000 and started to trade. He wasn’t very good at first, and his account dropped down to around $1,500. At that point he had hit rock bottom and trading success was beginning to move out of sight. He then received a message from his brokerage firm, “You got a fill on your trade.” Druz said, “I don’t have any orders in. I’m out of business.” The brokerage replied, “No, you had a ‘Good Til Cancelled’ order (GTC) in and it is ‘limit up’.” Druz was back in business! The universe apparently would not allow him to quit—he truly believed that. You too might think sometimes, “If I only had one more chance,” but when the next opportunity or chance does come around again you have to be willing to get in the game and play again—without thinking about your negative first experience. Second chances are telling you something. Heed their advice.

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Larry Hite and Warren Buffett

ISAM Systematic Presentation 2011-12

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Ep. 259: Bucky Isaacson Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Synopsis: Michael Covel speaks with Bucky Isaacson on today’s podcast. Isaacson is one of the early pioneers of managed futures. In 1969, he helped to develop one of the first computerized trading systems. He’s been involved in the managed futures industry ever since, particularly in Asia and the US. Covel and Isaacson talk about the fractured state of conferences these days; what it was like to be involved with a group developing a computerized trading system in 1969; being with one of the earliest incarnations of a managed futures firm; trading attitudes; marketing and doing business in Asia; differences in business practices between Asian countries; Refco, MF Global, PFG and other aberrations that have damaged the Chicago futures brand; Madoff as a marketer; raising the initial capital to start a trading venture; how to differentiate yourself from a marketing perspective; and growth in the managed futures industry. For more information on Bucky Isaacson, visit CTAExpo.com. Want a free trend following DVD? Go to trendfollowing.com/win.


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