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Mathematical Proof?

Feedback: I could find no discussion of the mathematical theories which predict the success of trend following methods [in your book]. I believe that this omission is a deficiency in an otherwise excellent book. Of course, there is the possibility

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How to Find Mentors and or Jobs?

I have over a long time been able to find ‘access.’ Readers see it and emails like this result: I am writing you because I have a burning desire to become a professional trader. I graduated college in June with

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Silver Drops 7%

Today silver dropped 7%: NEW YORK/LONDON (Reuters) – Silver plunged about 7 percent, while gold fell to its lowest in more than five weeks late Friday, as a rallying dollar, weaker base metals and the bullish stock market triggered heavy

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Return on Equity

Perusing the chat sites and news sites offers me great food for thought. I caught this excerpt tonight from Yahoo Finance about ‘return on equity’: We begin the series with a discussion of return on equity. ROE is one of

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A Story from An Old Bold Trader

A story from an old bold trader: Hi Michael-I guess in this business there’s a story a day if you don’t live in a cave. Yesterday I had a visitor who wanted to come by and get my input on

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Give Me Some More News!

From Yahoo Finance a few minutes ago: Wall Street edged higher Wednesday in a volatile session where stocks at first surged on robust retail sales numbers, but then reversed course after a disappointing crude inventory report caused oil prices to

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Lost in Space Professor

Some feedback today from a student: I talked to one of my professors today. She is a very smart lady. Has a PhD in finance and used to work for a hedge fund here in New York. She used to

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Michael Gibbons on “Trend”

Michael Gibbons of Gibbons’ Trading LLC provides good insight on “trend”: “The reality is, most hedge funds make money on the long side of the market. That is, to get and maintain their clientele, they must focus on long only

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There Is Always a Second Time

This post brought in this feedback: Michael – spoke with guy who runs Morgan Stanley’s prime brokerage couple years ago on few things, and asked him one thing I was always curious about: of the people who run funds that

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Lou Dobbs Blames Everyone in “War on the Middle Class”

I caught a town hall meeting on CNN hosted by Lou Dobbs titled ‘War on the Middle Class’. The premise was how to replace manufacturing jobs that have left Buffalo, New York. The angle was predictable. Union workers stand up

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