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David Merkel: Defending A Wrong View to the Bitter End

This review caught my attention: This review is unlikely to make me friends, and likely to generate some negative mail. Let me start with the conclusion: don’t buy the book. That said, my reasons for stating this are different from

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Wasted Energy

These folks regularly block roads in San Diego (like tonight). I am sorry, but the means they use are worthless. I liked John Lennon, but his political rebellion (“sleep-ins”) was also worthless.

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Lessons from the Lost Decade in Stocks

Of course the strategy underpinning the article is buy and hold, but big picture wise it is a good review of the numbers.

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The Godfather is Now the Government

From the wires: CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (AP) — New York’s attorney general says government officials pressured Bank of America’s CEO Ken Lewis to complete the bank’s purchase of Merrill Lynch and threatened his job security. A letter from New York

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Wells Fargo Made Billions On Mark-To-Market Change

Thanks Mr. Government for continuing to create a massive Ponzi scheme!

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Living The Dream?

Lenny Dykstra a mad genius with money? He says he’s chasing “cheddar” and making dudes rich with “large” cash. Lawsuits — and his family — paint a darker picture (article). An excerpt: Dykstra’s own analysis of his success in the

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Alternate Film Poster

My film will be available in May. Here (PDF) is a slightly more edgy version of the film poster.

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Buying Votes Right Out There in the Open

From the wires: General Motors Corp. could get as much as $5 billion more in federal loans, while Chrysler LLC could get $500 million as they race against government-imposed deadlines to restructure, according to a government report filed Tuesday. A

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“What Is Good for the System”

From Strong banks will be allowed to repay bail-out funds they received from the US government but only if such a move passes a test to determine whether it is in the national economic interest, a senior administration official

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