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Jim Rohrbach: Why Investors Buy High and Sell Low

My friend Jim Rohrbach sent me an article he recently authored: I talk to a lot of people about investing. Many of them are afraid to invest. I don’t think they recognize their fears, but the longer they talk the

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I Have Heard It All

A Turtle who bombed big time over the 20 years since Dennis disbanded the Turtle program now is pumping the idea that trading is once again genetic and not about systems — all the while pretending to be a tremendous

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Trading Course Special

For the rest of this month I am offering a special with my $1897 trading course. It includes the new Hite and Faulkner DVDs at no extra cost. That changes come January!

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Up and Down, But Mostly Up Recently

From Yahoo today: Investors had hoped that FedEx’ raising of its guidance in early December for its fiscal second quarter meant a more thoroughgoing economic recovery than the company described in its results on Thursday, said Edward Jones analyst Dan

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Donchian: Forbes Circa 1982

An excerpt from Forbes circa 1982: The fundamentalists — a decided majority among successful investors — look on chartism somewhat the way physicists look on parapsychology. They are probably correct to regard them so, but there is no rule that

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Winners Make Their Own Good Luck

While the article might be a few years old, it’s very relevant going forward.

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Trend Following Translation to Portuguese

My book “Trend Following” will be published in Portuguese now. To all my new friends down in Brazil at BMF&BOVESPA thanks for pushing the issue after my summer visit! Obrigado! That’s now 10 foreign translations: Arabic Chinese-Simplified Chinese-Traditional French German

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James Montier: To Be Happy

An excerpt from James Montier: If you are after specific investment advice, stop reading now. We seek to explore one of Adam Smith’s obsessions: what it means to be happy. We also discuss why that’s important to investors, and how

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Facebook One on One: Career Advice

Here is a recent interchange I had with a new friend on my Facebook: Ken: I’ve actually been “following” you for a while on your email list and websites. Me: That’s kind of how it goes…see if the crazy trend

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Recent Feedback

Martin writes: I read about Salem Abraham in Michael Covel’s The Complete TurtleTrader and Trend Following books. Abraham’s story is unique and his credentials, especially his trading performance, are impeccable. So when I heard about the Market Wizard Mentoring DVD

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