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Big Thanks to Everyone Who Has Helped Me!

Feedback in: “Years ago, famed Chicago bond trader Tom Baldwin put trading in a phrase: “Everybody wants the money, but whose willing to do the work?” I know a few. One of them is Michael Covel. Michael did the yeoman’s

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The Little Book of Trading in ‘Mixed’ Company!

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Where to Start?

An email in: Dear Mr. Covel, My name is Andrew [Name]. I’m a law student from Ireland and I’m very interested in getting involved in the investment/trading environment. I’ve been an avid follower of everything financial since a young age,

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The Battle for the Message

Feedback in from a reader: Hi Michael, I just wanted to congratulate you on your approach to interactions with readers and contributors to No matter what the writer’s opinion, you give them a hearing, even if you disagree with

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Trend Following in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

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Laurence Fletcher at Reuters Pens Diss Headline; The Media Still Marginalize Trend Followers with “Black Box” Line

Laurence Fletcher of Reuters writes “Black Box” Hedge Funds Profit in Volatile Markets”: LONDON (Reuters) – Hedge funds run by sophisticated computer programs are profiting from large falls in stock markets and a rocketing gold price this month, even as

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How Do You Spot One with No Clue?

While flipping channels just caught a guy on a finance show utter: “The markets are extremely rumor driven now.” On how many different levels is that statement doltish? Maybe a rumor, maybe not, but how the hell does knowledge of

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Silly Rabbits!

A reader of mine, Oswaldo, sent along this excerpt from The History of Greed: “Now, be honest. If you have ever bought a stock, why did you buy it and not one of 10,000 others? Of course, you expected the

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Time Travelling Idiots

An excerpt from here: When markets become tumultuous, which is often, lots of people pop up to explain what’s going to happen next. Many of their arguments are highly plausible. Sometimes they’re well written. Occasionally they’re both. Unfortunately, unless physics

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Where the Black Swans Hide: Mebane Faber Opines

Mebane Faber, who was kind enough to offer positive praise for my new book Trend Commandments, takes a look at outliers here (PDF). Take a read–worth your time.

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