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Singapore Trend Following Event

Feedback in:

Hello Michael, I am a several month regular listener to your podcast, and have found real value in the content. So, thank you for that. In a recent podcast, you mentioned that you plan to host an event in Singapore. As I have been traveling to South East Asia once or twice a year for the past 13 years, mostly as a vacationer/explorer, and a few times on business, would you please keep me posted regarding the event. Schedule permitting, I plan to attend. From your podcasts, I share your affinity for Saigon. If you have not already, I recommend a trip to Hanoi. It’s not quite as developed as Saigon, yet it is bustling, and on the move as well.

Thank you and best regards,
John M. Rossini

P.S. As noted above I’ve been a regular listener to your podcast, and I also read your book, The Complete TurtleTrader: How 23 Novice Investors Became Overnight Millionaires. While I am still nowhere near knowledgeable enough to be a full on trend following trader at this point, your work has helped influence me to make my portfolio more resilient (albeit, not “antifragile” as described by Nassim Taleb) against the inevitable upcoming stock market down turn by figuring out exit strategies now, rather than later. The major strategies I’ve implemented include trailing stops, stop loss orders, liquidating some stocks to cash, and buying some gold. One issue that has come up for me that may also be experienced by your other listeners/readers, is that most brokerage companies, including Vanguard, (the entity managing my 401K plan) will not allow me to place either trailing stop, or stop loss orders on mutual funds held in my account. To get around this constraint to some extent, I use, a service that provides end of day email alerts when stocks/mutual funds hit pre-determined parameters, including trailing stops. While this provides some protection, there is still too much lag time to take action to sell when stocks fall precipitously. Any thoughts you might have to deal with this issue would be of help to me, and I suspect many of your readers/listeners/fans. Thank you again for your great work.

News to follow on Singapore event (more in podcast here). Thanks for the great feedback.

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2 comments on “Singapore Trend Following Event
  1. Dave says:

    Did the name get changed back to Saigon, or is it still officially Ho Chi Minh City?

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